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This page highlights some resources available to stakeholders in the Coalition.


Clean Cities University is a resource for stakeholders to get familiar with Clean Cities and clean fuels.  Course work is available for the AFLEET Tool, Boards and Committees, Alternative Fuel Station Locator, Methods for Saving Fuel and Money, Emissions Compliance, and information about Clean Cities, and the Federal Lawmaking Process. You must first register for Clean Cities University, then you can log in and take courses.

Clean Cities University Sign Up – Clean Cities University  Access

The Fuel Economy Guide is an annual publication for fuel efficiency for vehicles.  This resource can help determine fuel efficiency and potential fuel cost savings for a wide range of technology.  This content is publicly available.

Fuel Economy Guide –

IdleBox is an electronic education and outreach toolkit for interested parties for vehicle idle reduction.  This low-hanging fruit of fuel economy, idle reduction is a simple way to use less fuel and reduce pollution and greenhouse gases.  This content is publicly available.

Idlebox Content