Driving on Energi

GWRCCC has partnered with the Department of Energy to promote an alternative to petroleum-based fuels—electric vehicles!

Driving on Energi is a program designed to put EVs and PHEVs in the hands of a select group of social media influencers to help dispel the myths surrounding EVs.

Each month, GWRCCC will loan out three Ford PHEV’s to local bloggers to test and blog about their experiences.
Overall plug-in hybrid vehicles offer several benefits including:
• Reduced dependence on petroleum fuels
• Reduced environmental impact through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as well as smog-forming tailpipe emissions
• Potential consumer savings on energy and fuel costs

Follow our Twitter feed to find out what our EV ambassadors have been up to and stay tuned to our website for monthly updates from their blogs!

For more information, visit www.drivingonenergi.com.

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