Join GWRCCC and NAFA, Washington Chapter
for the Fleet Conference and Expo at the Walter E. Convention Center
801 Mt. Vernon Place, NW | Room 206
Washington, DC 20001

Admission is Free


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Tuesday, January 31 & Wednesday, February 1 – 8:30am

With recent advances in technology, coupled with goals to reduce petroleum use and CO₂
emissions, fleets from every corner of the country are discovering first-hand that biodiesel is an
economically viable alternative to diesel fuel. For some, Executive Order 13693 in 2015 has
strengthened sustainability goals for federal agencies and their contractors. Several Washington
DC area fleets, coordinated by the Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition have been
able to demonstrate the successful ease-to-implement biodiesel and bio based products into their
green fleet programs. Learn about how the BQ-9000 fuel quality program, increased biodiesel
training for technicians, cost effectiveness, and other tangible benefits are available to fleet
managers striving to meet local and federal sustainable priorities.
Moderator: Ron Flowers, Executive Director at GWRCCC
Speakers: Tim Fitzgerald, DC Water and Sewer Authority
Cargie Vaughn, Smithsonian Institution
Scott Fenwick, National Biodiesel Board

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
Tuesday, January 31 & Wednesday, February 1 – 9:15am

Additionally, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) represents another major alternative fuel that is
currently used in the region. This session will provide current CNG-ready engine manufacturing
updates and production changes and challenges. In addition to learning about the types of
available CNG vehicles; concerns regarding CNG Conversion Up fitters, finding certified
vendors with warranties will be addressed. And yes, we will share with you the latest in facility
modifications to include:
• Existing Codes and Standards
• Basic Safety Standards
• Interacting with the local Fire/Codes Enforcement groups
• The difference between MINOR (no modifications necessary) and MAJOR (may be
modifications necessary) repairs and services.
Moderator: Michele Bowles (Fleet Manager at Washington Gas Light)
Speakers: Barry Carr, Clean Communities of CNY
Robert Stipek, General Motors
John Freking, General Motors
Arthur N. Gosline, Ford

Idle Reduction
Tuesday, January 31 & Wednesday, February 1 – 2:30pm

Did you know that there is an easy way to save money and reduce budget costs by the effective
use of using an idling reduction system? Through Idle Reduction, fleets can achieve reductions
in fuel costs, maintenance, emissions, and noise, while extending the life of equipment. This
session will bring together several of the leading fleets in the DC area who have implemented
Idle Reduction. They will discuss what they have done and how, as well as the benefits they
have experienced. Fleets interested in learning how to succeed with Idle Reduction should not
miss this session!
Moderator: David Gelman, VP, Sustainable Energy Strategies Inc. (SESI)
Speakers: Basil Al- Masri, GRIP Management
Kevin Newman, WMATA

Fleets for the Future Workshop: An Aggregate Procurement Opportunity for Fleets in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Thursday, February 2nd – 10:00 to 11:30 AM

ARE YOU A PUBLIC FLEET? Are you looking to save money, purchase alternative fuel vehicles, and install infrastructure at a deep discount? Then this session is for YOU? Fleets for the Future is a U.S. Department of Energy award winning project to develop and implement five regional cooperative procurements and one national scale procurement for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and infrastructure. This effort is using the procurement expertise of the Mid-Atlantic Purchasing Team (MAPT) to create a cooperative solicitation that will buy down the cost of AFVs, including electric, and refueling/charging stations for fleets across the mid-Atlantic region. The session will discuss best practices for plug-in electric vehicle technology and gaseous fuels, including CNG and propane. It will also cover evaluation options and planning procurement initiatives, best practices for solicitation development, best applications, technical considerations for deployment, and fleet transition planning. Eligible public fleets include federal, state, and local governments, school districts and universities, and public utilities.

**Following the session, technical experts will be available for one-on-one dialogue to explore and investigate specific options for individual fleets.

Moderator: Leah Boggs, Senior Environmental Planner, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG)
Leah Boggs, Senior Environmental Planner, MWCOG
Rick Konrad, Cooperative Purchasing Program Manager, MWCOG
Stephe Yborra, Managing Director, Yborra & Associates, LLC**
Ryan Daley and Ben Prochazka, Electrification Coalition**

Registration Link for the Event:
https://registration.experientevent.com/ShowWAA171/Flow/NAFA#/registrant//Dashboard/ <https://registration.experientevent.com/ShowWAA171/Flow/NAFA#/registrant//Dashboard/>

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