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The Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) is participating in a regional procurement initiative designed to consolidate bulk orders of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure to make their purchase more affordable. Dubbed “F4F” for Fleets for the Future, the goal of the program is to reduce the incremental costs of propane, electric, and natural gas powered vehicles and refueling or charging infrastructure. Local fleets, governmental organizations and universities in the DMV area may participate and benefit from this unique program.

Project goals include the reduction of the incremental costs of propane, electric, and natural gas powered vehicles and refueling or charging infrastructure; the creation of best practices and templates for alternative fuels-related infrastructure development; creative financing mechanisms; and, vehicle procurement strategies and policies.

The National Association of Regional Councils provides the national project lead and overall management while regional Councils develop and coordinate cooperative contracts for vehicles and infrastructure. In the Metropolitan Washington Area, MWCOG is coordinating this activity while GWRCCC is providing outreach and education support and best practices assistance for public and private fleets, local governments, school districts, universities, and utilities. Eligible equipment includes applicable light-duty and heavy-duty equipment.

Fleets for the Future Project website:

To develop the contracts, COG is asking interested fleets to provide a soft commitment of the types and number of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), as well as infrastructure installations you plan to purchase and install over the next 3 years. The information will be collected and used in both contracts to provide an aggregate number of vehicles and stations. Click on the MAPT Fleets for the Future Commitment for more information.